About Us


About Us

The Canine Treat Club is a business solely run by myself (Laura) alongside my dog walking business (Muddy Paws Rutland).

I have two dogs (Waffle & Dakota) & a horse (Steve), my Vizsla, Dakota, was the inspiration for both my companies and you may notice that her in both company logo’s.

I have raw fed my own dogs for several years due to my vizsla’s deteriorating health issues, dietary intolerances and behavioural issues and stock products which fit both raw and kibble fed dogs and spend a lot of time sourcing products which fit my affordable, sustainable, ethical, and safe for pets & the environment ethos.


Prior to setting up my businesses I worked in the veterinary industry for 15yrs, latterly as a key account manager and loved working alongside some of the country’s leading veterinary practices. I have a degree in animal science and always had a strong interest in nutrition & behaviour and being the owner of a beautiful but complicated Vizsla exploring the links between two lead me to creating The Canine Treat Club back in 2019 however due to the dog walking business taking off & COVID-19 it has delayed things considerably. However, I am delighted to finally launch The Canine Treat Club in 2021 after two years in the pipeline!!


My mission is to enrich the lives of pets by providing products to stimulate their senses, engage them through food, challenge them with toys & puzzles to keep their minds happy & active, and build their bond with you, their owners.

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