Enrichment Box


🐶🎄The Christmas gift your dog would choose 🎄🐶

Our Christmas gift box is packed full of enrichment toys and healthy chews for your dog to enjoy and help create a calm and content dog

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The December Box For Dogs That’s Full Of Surprises!

Never be stuck for enrichment ideas again. 


You want your dog to be more than just physically well cared for, you want them to be mentally and emotionally buoyant too! 


Canine enrichment is a brilliant way to relieve your dog from boredom and to keep them mentally and physically satisfied. 


Dogs are neophile’s, which means they absolutely adore exploring and trying new things. Even more cautious or anxious dogs benefit from engaging in novel activities in the comfort of their own home, it can drastically improve their confidence! 


At The Canine Treat Club, we make it easy for you to discover new brain-boosting activities that will make your dog’s day happier and more fulfilled. 

Whats in the box?

1. Zippy Paws festive burrow toy

2. Bamboo chew

3. Denzel’s low cal festive bite dog treats

5. Edible Christmas card by Scoffs

6. Taster bag of natural treats 


Treats, toys and canine enrichment to your door all beautifully wrapped ready to go under the tree