Lickimat Large


The large Lickimat is perfect for large dogs, or more fun for small dogs. Simply spread your dogs food or soft treats over the surface to reduce anxiety and boredom and promote calm behaviour. Ideal for puppies learning to settle in new and exciting situations e.g. people visiting the house, vistis to the vet or groomer or getting them used to time on their own

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Lickimat large 28cm is a new size for larger dogs, or for more fun for smaller dogs. Tasty boredom busters for your dog, by spreading your dogs food or soft treats over the surface you create a tasty fun game with them having to search out every morsel with their tongues. Reduces anxiety & boredom by releasing endorphins, calming feel good hormones produced by the repetitive licking action. Perfect way to slow down dogs that eat their food too fast and a great alternative to feeding from the bowl. Recommended by vets and trainers and a great way to promote calm behaviour in your pet during stressful times.


Freeze in the summer to increase the time it takes your dog to lick the contents, providing a refreshing treat and more fun .


  • Reduces anxiety and boredom

  • Promotes calm behaviour

  • Great way to slow down dogs that eat too fast or extend meal times

  • Licking action also increases saliva production which aids digestion & helps clean tongue by scraping off bacteria

  • Perfect for use at home and out and about for puppies that are nervous of vets, groomers, strangers etc

  • A little food goes a long way on a lickimat

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

  • Microwave friendly

  • Made from non toxic, food grade materials

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