Lickimat Wobble Bowl


Lickimat Wobble is designed as a tasty boredom buster for your dog, simply spread on your dogs usual food or treats to create a fun and interesting game. Reduces anxiety and boredom by encouraging calming repetitive licking action whilst they seek out every morsel with their tongue


The Lickimat Wobble is perfect for wet, dry or raw foods and treats, simply spread over the ridges, the bowl also inverts for a different experience to keep your dog entertained

Key Features

  • Fun, innovative design to engage pets and make meal times fun & rewarding
  • Fun way to slow down feeding time
  • Promotes licking, which calms and aids digestion
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • Works well with wet, dry or faw food & treats such as peanut butter4dogs, JR Pate, Liver paste
  • Suitable for freezing, increasing the length of time it takes your dog to finish their meal
  • Microwave friendly
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Made from non-toxic food grade materials
  • Available in 4 fun colours

Additional information


Green, Orange, Purple, Turqouise