Scentwork Set for Dogs


The ultimate team building activity you can do with your dog, scent work is a great activity for dogs that need extra mental stimulation, struggle to settle or are recovering from injury or illness

Get started with Scent work today with our scent work set containing everything you need including our online training programme

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Our scentwork set contains everything you need to get started with scentwork immediately. Nothing to set up and you can begin from day one after watching our quick tutorial on how to get started (3min video). We make the process fun using games and allow the whole family to get involved with our series of simple training videos.

Our scentwork kit is the perfect companion to keep your dog occupied. For dogs that need more mental stimulation, find it hard to settle or perhaps on reduced exercise as a result of injury or illness but still need to keep their minds busy our kit is PERFECT!

Scentwork is the ultimate team building activity, and has so many benefits for your dog :

– Burns energy (sniffing and using their noses is incredibly satisfying and tiring for dogs!)

– Provides mental enrichment for your dog, using their best asset – their nose!

– Improves focus and listening

– The best team building activity you can do with your dog

– Easy to fit around your busy lives, training sessions which take the same length of time as making a cuppa!!

Whats in the kit?

– 2 odours (catnip & Gun oil)

– 3 scent squirrels (unscented fleece toys which you use with your catnip odour)

– 2 organza pouches

– cotton tabs & Jar (to use with your gun oil odour)

– 2 small aluminium tins to be used for scent tins

– pack of snuffle cones (mixed sizes)

– pair of tweezers to minimise risk of transference when handling your cotton impregnated with odour

– online training with everything needed to get started on your scent work journey in a series of 5 quick and easy to follow videos and 2 handouts

– Handy storage box

– High value training treats

Scentwork is one of our favourite enrichment activities to do and you and your dog will absolutely love this starter kit