Snail Rollup Interactive Snuffle Dog Toy


Super cute fun interactive snuffle toy, the rollup snail is sure to be a hit with pups of all ages. Snuffle toys are a great way to add enrichment and mental stimulation to a dogs life by encouraging natural foraging behaviours

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Snuffle toys are not just another adorable plaything for your pet – a snuffle toy will stimulate your pet’s mind and senses, reduce stress, and even help with digestion in greedy eaters. Help keep your pet’s brain working while they navigate the toy to get their treats. If your dog tends to gobble up all their food in a matter of seconds, utilize the snuffle toy to make them work for their food. Mental enrichment, boredom busting and slow feeding all in one!

Slow feeding : If your dog has a tendency to gulp their food in seconds, using enrichment toys can help slow them down and get them to work to seek & find the treats. You can use kibble or treats in the snuffle snail and as its washable dont worry if you have to use the smellier higher value treats such as sprats or liver.

Canine Enrichment :Snuffle mats & toys are a fantastic was to get dogs to use their natural behaviours to forage for food which is a great way of providing mental stimulation and getting your dogs nose working as they seek out the treats within.

If you have a toy destroyer you can still use snuffle mats and toys, you may need to use higher value treats to ensure the food is more interesting/rewarding than damaging the toy… we recommend trying treats such as liver, sprats to begin with and make it very very easy to start and buil up to hiding the treats better so they have to use their noses and paws to seek them out. To make a little more challenging you can then try hiding the snuffle toy to create a game of hide and seek (start literally under a blanket and build up to under cushion, in a different room etc

. Machine washable and perfect for small to large dog breeds. Size: 2.95” H x 8.66” L x 5.51” W Material: Polyester

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Machine Washable, Non Slip Base, Slow Feeding, Stimulates Senses, Mental Enrichment