Snuffle Mat


The ultimate gift for dogs 🐶

Promote calm behaviour and reduce stress and anxiety by using a snuffle mat to provide mental enrichment for your pet. 

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Enrichment Activity for dogs & Puppies which also slows down feeding & encourages foraging behaviour 

Lovingly handmade in Lincolnshire

A Medium is approx 30x30cm 

Snuffle mats make great enrichment activity for dogs and other small pets such as Rabbits,Cats & even Hedgehogs to enjoy too.

Each Snuffle Mat weighs 1kg and are made using a generous amount of high quality soft polar fleece and comes in a selection of bright colourful options to choose from

 way to stimulate your pet and allow them to use their best sense…. Their nose, to learn whilst most of all have fun,

The Snuffle Mat can be used for a variety of reasons a few of these being:-

1. Slow feeder, ditch the bowl and slow fast eaters down, especially those who like to gulp their meals,

2. Provide distraction

3. Help reduce stress and anxiety

4. Promote relaxation 

Wash Care Instructions:-

Good news the Snuffle mat is machine washable,

-Place the Snuffle Mat within a pillow case,

-Place on a 30°c low spin cycle,

-Add a small amount of detergent and NO softener as too much detergent will deter the smell of treats and softener will bobble the fleece,

-Once the cycle has finished leave to air dry, Do not tumble dry,



Once the Snuffle Mat is finished (i.e. all treats,kibble have gone) please pick the Snuffle Mat up and put away out of your pets reach so that your pet doesn’t damage 

By removing the Snuffle Mat and then re-introducing is a whole new exciting puzzle for them to experience again and enjoy.

Do not leave pets unattended whilst using the snuffle mat


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