The Natural Treat Box


Healthy 100% natural treat box for dogs containing an amazing selection of long lasting chews and tasty snacks for dogs to satisfy their need to chew keeping them happy, healthy and relaxed!


If you are looking for healthy dog treats in UK, you are overwhelmed with choice right now as many owners like yourself start to look for healthier dog treats as an alterntive for products such as rawhide, dentastix etc . The natural dog treats we source are by-products of meat market for human consumption and would otherwise be wasted.

We love our natural treats as they are 100% natural, just air dried to preserve their goodness, gluten free and free from colourings & preservatives AND most are single source protein i.e. made from just 1 ingredient!! making natural treats the perfect choice for dogs with dietary intolerances and allergies as it is now very easy to avoid ingredients which you know can cause tummy or skin problems for your beloved pooch!

Our treat box could contain a combination of the following:

  • Cow ear (natural or hairy)
  • Pigs ear
  • Pork roll
  • Beef tendon
  • Beef trachea (approx 20cm)
  • Venison skin rolled
  • Deer skin
  • Chicken or duck feet
  • Pork Spagetti
  • Black pudding sticks
  • Liver mini sausages
  • Pork crunch
  • Duck or turkey neck
  • Tripe sticks (beef)
  • Puffed snouts
  • Fish skin fingers
  • Fisk cubes
  • Sprats
  • Pure meat coins

*If your dog has any known sensitivities or allergies pop us a message at checkout and we will ensure we prepare your box and pop in suitable alternatives!

Always ensure your pet has access to fresh drinking water & supervise your pet whilst chewing

* please note that this is a natural product and as such the size and shape of treats and chews will vary – if you are unsure if this is suitable for your dog pop us a message with your dogs breed, size and chew style and we will happily help

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