This Month’s Marvellous Dog Treat Box


Our dog treat box is bursting with treats for your dog and for you – because you both deserve to feel good!  

A new dog toy and some delicious natural dog treats for your bestie will surely get their tail wagging as soon as they get a whiff of the postman approaching!  

And you can breathe a sigh of contentment too, as while your dog gets stuck into their new goodies you’ll have some fanciful nibbles, tipples and treats of your own to tuck into!

Get set to unwrap a fetching box of joy-making goodies.  

Then sit back, unwind and soothe your soul!

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What’s in the box: 

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Item 5 

Looking for something else?  

Get your paws on a mystery treat box full of The Canine Treat Club’s absolute favourite products from past boxes. Inside you’ll find 4-7 magnificent treats for both dogs and humans that are sure to delight!

surprise me with a special mystery treat box

Don’t like surprises?  

Why not build your own spectacular dog treat box? 

build your own dog treat box

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