Trixie Dog Snack Popper, Dog Interactive Treat Dispenser


Want a happy pup? The trixie snack popper is a great enrichment toy which provides mental and physical stimulation for your dog and is great for dogs prone to eating too fast. Simply fill with small dried kibble or treats for push along fun

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Get mealtime poppin’ with The TRIXIE Snack Popper, a fun, interactive toy that combines playtime with mealtime. This clever dispenser pops out dry kibble or treats when your dog nudges it along. It’s a great way to slow down fast eaters or reward your pet for being too smart! It provides active healthy entertainment. Simply fill it with small dog food or treats and watch your pooch have fun! Treats automatically pop out as the snack popper is moved forward and backwards. Wheels are lockable for easy filling.

The snack popper is a great wat to entertain your pet with this playful, interactive treat dispenser

Reward your pet for their hard work; provides healthy mental and physical stimulation

Easy to fill through removable lid, and lockable wheels keep it in place

Treats pop out by nudging it forward or backwards

Works great for dogs and cats too

No batteries required

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